Krithika Mandala Veda Parayanam on Sunday December 13 4 PM at Shri Ganesha Gayathri Temple

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara !!
With the Blessings of Shri Veda Maatha, Shri Veda Vyasa, Shri MahaPeriyava and Anugrahams of our Shri Periyavas, KKSF is planning to conduct this year’s Krithika Mandala Veda Parayanam on Sunday December 13 4 PM at Shri Ganesha Gayathri Temple, 16059, W 151st St, Lockport, IL 60491.
It is customary for Krithika Mandala Veda Parayanam to be held during the mandalam (45-day period) of krithika and margazhi. See below for significance of this parayanam, source:

The Vedas are considered to be most sacred and the breath of the Lord. It is the general belief that contagious diseases will spread during the rainy and winter seasons. The rain season ends with Karthikai and the winter begins with Margazhi month. The Veda Parayana during these two months will relieve the society from infectious diseases.

The human year consisting of 365 days is considered to be a day for devas. Dakshinayana(from Tamil month Aadi to the end of Margazhi) is night for the devas and Uttarayana(from Tamil month Thai to the end of Aani) is day time for them. Margazhi is considered to be the Brahma Muhoortha for Lord Vishnu. The month Karthikai is the period preceding the Brahma Muhoortha which is regarded as most sacred, krithika suddha. Hence we worship the Lord through Veda Parayana during these two months which forms as subrabhata to the Lord.

This year, the mandalam lasts from November 17 through December 30. We are fortunate to have a few visiting Vedic pandithas from India join our Chicagoland Pandithas as they lead the parayanam. All are invited to attend and receive the Blessings of Shri Veda Maatha, Shri Veda Vyasa and our Shri Acharyas.
We would like to especially invite those engaged in Veda adhyayanam (students) and adhyapanam (teachers) to join us and make the function a huge success. The program will last approximately 3 hours, including chanting of Chaturvedas, Taittiriya Upanishad and concluding with Maha Mangala Harathi and simple prasadam/dinner. Please mark your calendars, attend and support this function.
To help us better plan for this function, we request your RSVP via email to, latest by Wednesday December 9. Please provide count of no. of family members attending.
Kanchi Shankara Kamakoti Shankara !!
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